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Your Guide to The US Esta

If you have plans to visit the USA in the near-future then it is important to remember that in amongst all of your travel planning and prep, you need to ensure that you have applied for, and been granted your USA visa. The visa process for many countries was changed in 2015, and this is now an electronic visa which you need to apply for online. If this is the first that you have heard about the US Esta, here is what you need to know.

Do I Need One?

The people who need to apply for an Esta are those who are citizens of any nations which signed up to the Visa Waiver Program. Generally speaking this covers the large majority of nationalities who come to the US each year, you check on this website whether or not you need apply.

How to Apply?

The application process is very simple indeed, just head to the US government website for the Esta, and begin your application. Throughout the application you will need answer questions about who you are and what you do (be sure to have your passport handy,) as well as telling them about why you are coming to the USA, and what your plans are when you are there?

Could I Get Rejected?

Applications which are rejected are those that come from people with a criminal background, who are members of organizations which are seen as dangerous, who have no-fly orders or those who are suspected of terrorist activity. If you are rejected and you don’t know why, it could be something as simple as someone with a dubious past, that has the same name as you. You will know whether you have been approved or rejected in just  few minutes upon completion of your application.

When Should I Apply?

It is best to apply around a month prior to your departure, as there is always a possibility that you could be rejected. If this happens you will need to go to the nearest US embassy, and try to fix the issue, applying a month in advance will give you time to get this sorted.

What About Kids?

Kids also need to have an Esta, regardless of age.

Application Cost?

The application costs $14, which is a non-refundable payment, you will pay this for each application that you need to make.

How Long Does It Last? 

Once you have been granted the Esta, you will be able to freely travel throughout the USA multiple times, for a 2 year period. After two years, you will need to apply for your Esta once again.

What If I Don’t Have One?

The short answer is that if you don’t have an Esta, you will not be permitted into the country. If you were rejected an Esta, you may be given a temporary visa with which you can enter the country, without one of these visas, you cannot enter US territory.

Don’t leave it too late, get online and get your Esta today