With this simple trick you will pay less for your plane tickets if you travel in a group
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With this simple trick you will pay less for your plane tickets if you travel in a group

When we plan a trip and think about how we can get cheaper plane tickets, we generally resort to buying in advance or selecting certain dates and times with less demand, especially if it is a trip as a couple or family in which expenses skyrocket.

Scott Keyes, founder of the website Scott’s Cheap Flights, specialized in finding cheap tickets to destinations around the world, has another trick that can help you save money on buying tickets for your family vacations and that, although it is not infallible , it works in most cases.

Keyes explained to CNBC Make It that airlines generally sell tickets by section and that the seats in each section have different prices. For example, a flight might have 10 seats for $ 99, 15 for 129, 30 for 149, and so on.

The airline automatically selects the same section of seats for all tickets purchased as a group, so if there is no space available in the cheapest section for all travelers, the next highest purchase price will be offered. . So Keyes’s advice, which he applies himself to his own flights all the time, is to always compare the price for the number of seats required to purchase with single-seat ones.

If your family is four people, the airline’s ticketing system will show you tickets in a section that can still accommodate four seats, which will generally be the most expensive. So be sure to check how much all four seats would cost if you bought them separately, or two at a time, and value.

“If there are only two seats left in the cheapest section and you need three tickets, they will take you to the next section. As far as I know, practically all airlines use this method of selling section fare tickets,” he says.

Keyes shared one of his most recent experiences on a trip within the United States, in which three seats cost him $ 178 each if bought together, while looking for just two, they came out at 117 each, a simple search That saved you just over $ 100.

This is because, Keyes notes, that the system had two tickets left in the $ 117 section and, when it searched for three, it automatically moved it up to the next most expensive section. In the end, he bought a single ticket for 178 and two for 117 each, resulting in a super savings of $ 120.

“It’s not going to work every time, but always checking if it’s going to be cheaper to book fewer tickets at a time is a simple way to save a lot of money many times,” said the expert.

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