Try Delaware for beach vacations, not just beaches
Beach Vacations

Try Delaware for beach vacations, not just beaches

Traveler In southern Delaware, you’ll cruise on single-lane roads, pass through corn-growing and chicken-rearing farms, and reach the coastal settlements of Bethany, Fenwick Island, Lewis, and Rihobos. After my husband’s first job as a newly built doctor took us to Lewis 20 years ago, a realtor warned us that “life is easy” in Sussex County. That was certainly the case. Winters were long and many restaurants and the seasonal amusement park Funland were closed until tourists returned in the summer. But the steady growth of homes accelerated by pandemic transplants that want to hold a zoom call on the beach makes it a year-round destination. Recent countryside drives have been disrupted by new housing developments with greener grass than farms. As the location of President Biden’s summer villa, the LGBTQ community, DC politicians and retirees’ longtime shelter, Rehobos, has received national attention in the area.

Quiet beach, beer garden

Along with the houses, there are more restaurants, taverns and attractions all year round across the promenade. My husband and I then moved to Maryland, but every time we visited Lewis frequently and found a new craft brewery or farm-to-table restaurant, we shook our heads and said, “Life is no longer simple. No, “jokes. Located eight miles north of Rehobos, Lewis fascinates families looking for history and architecture enthusiasts who want to explore the town’s antique shops and 17th-century building Mishmash, in addition to a quiet, carnivalless beach experience. I am. The quaint downtown of the town remains its main attraction, but other notable businesses are emerging on the highways that lead to it.

My husband and I imagine what former realtors would do with new businesses in the area, such as a three-year-old train station in Kings, Lewis, a garden store in a farmhouse’s chic space, an epicurean shop, and a cafe. I am. It’s down the street from the Big Oyster Brewery, which recently served Belgian wit beer and raw oysters, infused with seasonal coriander and orange peel from Delaware, Virginia and Connecticut. It’s one of several new spots where you can taste local breweries and mid-Atlantic bivalves. The ever-growing Revelation Craft Brewing offers IPAs, sour and lagers in Milton’s beer gardens and rehobos indoor / outdoor spaces. An outpost in Georgetown is under construction.

Plants and honey wine

Beach towns have always attracted a stable stream of business and visitors, but the one-lane towns that you may pass on your way to the beach are growing fast. Twenty-three miles southwest of Rehobos, Dougsboro features an oasis of native grass and seasonal flowers that returns to the forests of the two-year-old Delaware Botanical Gardens at Pepper Creek. The landscape architect Pieto Odorf, behind the New York City High Line, designed the meadows in the center of the garden.

15 miles north of Milton’s Rehobos, where the fast-growing dogfish headcraft brewery planted the state’s first production brewery in 1997, visitors spend hours at two attractions that have opened in the last decade. I was able to spend time. Enjoy Scandinavian-style honey wine at Brimming Horn Meedley, where the wall display Vikings say “party like 793”. After roaming the lavender fields of Warrington Manor, get floral scented lotions, organic teas and herbal de Provence.