Thousands of tourists enjoy Easter vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Thousands of tourists enjoy Easter vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) – Thousands of tourists from around Mexico, and even international tourists, are enjoying the many attractions in Puerto Vallarta during this Holy Week and Easter holiday period.

Accompanied by his mother, Misael Santos González, visiting from Acapulco, considers Puerto Vallarta “is the best, I loved it, a very clean place, with very nice, very beautiful people; Although we come from another tourist destination, we are fascinated and happy. Walking along the boardwalk, I was commenting with my mother that everything is very clean, this place, the beach, everything; I have not seen garbage at all, it is the best. Security is also very good, everything is very quiet, unlike other places we have visited, everything has been very safe here.”

Martín Zamarripa González and María Medina, traveled from León, Guanajuato, to enjoy a “very beautiful beach destination, we always come here because we love it: the boardwalk, also its beaches, in addition to the fact that the people are very warm. Security is very good, I told my husband that I didn’t see patrol cars because I think everything is fine, but later I saw them go by and I said: yes, there is security, the truth is that we are very well. We have not seen dirty places, people leave their garbage in their place and there are many people. Everything is so great that we would like to live here, it is the best beach place in Mexico, that is why we come often”.

Miguel Rodríguez arrived with a group of friends from his native Tepic, Nayarit. “Puerto Vallarta is a very important place, a very beautiful destination in Jalisco, and above all its beaches are a place that you can enjoy day and night, it is what brought us here today. I really like the warmth of the people, they are very kind, they always offer that smile to welcome all tourists and that is why we feel at home here all the time.”

He also praised the public safety of the city, and he commented that “I have always felt safe here, the patrols are around all the time, people can feel safe on the boardwalk and I have not had any incidents as a tourist. One of the most noteworthy things about the Malecón is its cleanliness and that of the city in general, it is something that has improved, people have become aware of leaving their garbage in its place. I would recommend all the people of the Republic and abroad to come because Vallarta awaits you with open arms”.

Finally, the family of Daniel and Lupe Sivard, Mexicans who live in Riverside, California, considered that “everything is beautiful in Puerto Vallarta, they have an excellent climate here and everything is very calm, we have gone out to several places and there is a very good atmosphere familiar. We did an excursion to the mountains and we got to see various animals and we liked that a lot. It is a very safe place because we have not found anything that makes us feel intimidated or afraid. We had already come on another occasion and we have found everything very clean, everything very well organized and that is why we would invite our acquaintances to come”.

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