San Diego makes top 5 favorite vacation spots in US, study shows

San Diego makes top 5 favorite vacation spots in US, study shows

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Planning a vacation with family and friends for the upcoming Spring and Summer? Well, San Diegans do not have to look or travel too far.

Family Destination’s Guide has released its list of best vacation spots in the United States, and America’s Finest City is ranked high among them.

Experts with the company say they examined Google search data to determine which major U.S. city each state wants to spend their summer vacation, based on the annual search volume for vacation-related terms across each state.

Coming in at fourth place nationwide, researchers say Americans searching for San Diego vacations a combined average total of 1,026,800 times annually, including search terms such as “San Diego vacations” and ‘Airbnb San Diego.’

Statewide in California, San Diego ranks in second place behind Las Vegas and leads San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Based on the company’s research, Las Vegas reigns supreme as the most popular vacation in America. It is the most searched-for vacation in six states, including California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, and Utah. Americans search for words associated with Las Vegas vacations an average of 1.9 million annually, placing the Nevada city firmly in the top spot.

“With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time for Americans to start planning their summer vacations and this research provides a valuable guide into where each state wants to vacation to the most this summer,” a spokesperson at Family Destinations Guide said Monday.

See the complete list below of which cities ranked and their combined annual total searches.

  1. Las Vegas — 1,972,090
  2. New York City — 1,471,340
  3. Miami — 1,039,120
  4. San Diego — 1,026,800
  5. Chicago — 958,220
  6. Nashville — 903,040
  7. Orlando — 791,620
  8. New Orleans — 765,730
  9. San Franciso — 656,840
  10. Boston — 599,370

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