Norse Atlantic Reveals Its New 787 Livery & Branding
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Norse Atlantic Reveals Its New 787 Livery & Branding

Transatlantic startup Norse Atlantic Airways today revealed its new livery, as well as more information on its flight launch. The airline stopped short of giving a definite date for flights to begin but said it hopes to be flying all 15 of its Boeing 787s by next summer.

Norse Atlantic Airways, Branding, Livery
Norse Atlantic Airways today revealed its new branding and aircraft livery. Photo: Norse Atlantic

Norse Atlantic Airlines is a new long-haul low-cost carrier designed to fill the gap left by Norwegian’s exit from the market. So far, beyond the occasional lease announcement, much of the airline and its branding have been under wraps. Following the airline’s official launch earlier today, we now have a slightly bigger picture.

Inspired by the Vikings

Addressing media earlier today, Norse Atlantic’s CEO, Bjorn Tore Larsen, revealed that the Vikings inspired the new Norse livery. Larsen revealed,

“We got the inspiration from the ships that the Vikings used when they navigated the seas 1,000 years ago… We kinda identify with the voyage that our predecessors took across the Atlantic, and our Dreamliners will therefore be our longships.”

Norse Atlantic Airways, Branding, Livery
The shape of a Viking longship inspires the livery. Photo: Norse Atlantic

The hook on the tail is the same as seen in the airline’s logo. It is intended to represent the bow of a wooden longship from the Viking era.

National parks = names

Norse Atlantic is expecting a total of 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, split between the -8 and the -9. Larsen told how each aircraft is going to be named after a national park. However, the airline won’t restrict the names to Norway.

Norse Atlantic Airways, Branding, Livery
Each aircraft will be named after a national park in a country served by Norse. Photo: Norse Atlantic

Instead, they will be drawn from all of the countries served by the airline, meaning that we could perhaps see a plane called Yosemite parked next to another plane called Loch Lomond. While we don’t know which names will be chosen, we know that the first will come from a Norwegian national park.

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What’s the launch plan?

Norse Atlantic intends to offer point-to-point services between Europe and the US. So far, the airline has identified three points of interest on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. To the West, the airline is interested in New York, Los Angeles, and Florida. On the east, Oslo, London, and Paris are currently being targeted. As the airline grows, Norse will add additional cities to either side.

Norse Atlantic Airways, Branding, Livery
The airline is initially targeting three points on either side of the Atlantic. Photo: Norse Atlantic

The airline has said that it is ready to go once transatlantic travel restrictions are lifted, which will lead to a return of demand. Travel is only possible from the US, as most from Europe are banned from flying directly to the US. The airline anticipates that it will be ready to launch around March or April 2022, aiming to put all 15 aircraft into service by next summer. Three months before the launch of flights, the airline will look to launch ticket sales.

Onboard the 787s

Norse Atlantic remained fairly tight-lipped regarding its onboard product, although it did let some details slip today. The cabin will be split into two with a premium travel class and an economy travel class.

Norse Atlantic Airways, Branding, Livery
The cabin will be divided into two classes of travel. Photo: Norse Atlantic

On the 12 Boeing 787-9s expected, there will be 344 seats, although Norse didn’t reveal the ratio of premium to economy. The three Boeing 787-8s will each have 291. The airline’s total capacity will equal almost 5,000 seats, meaning that it hopes it can sell around 10,000 tickets each day.

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