KFC Pop-up Hotel With Free Chicken Button, 4 a Night

KFC Pop-up Hotel With Free Chicken Button, $154 a Night

  • KFC will open a pop-up hotel in London where guests can get up to $139 of free chicken. 
  • One-night stays will cost $154, and the hotel will operate for 11 nights in August, KFC said. 
  • Each room has free room service via a “press for chicken” button.

KFC is opening a fried-chicken-themed pop-up hotel with a “press For chicken” button in every room.

A one-night stay will cost $154 (£111), it said, and guests can get up to $139 (£100) worth of free chicken during their stay.

The fast-food chain said in a press release Wednesday that its “House of Harland” hotel would open in London for 11 nights between August 18 and 29 — a reference to the 11 herbs and spices that go into its chicken. Harland is a reference to Colonel Harland David Sanders, KFC’s founder.

A black Cadillac, which KFC calls the “Colonelmobile,” will pick up guests and take them to the pop-up hotel, where their own “chick-in” clerk will greet them, the company said.

A red KFC-themed arcade machine stands next to a brick wall with an "It's finger lickin' good" sign written in neon lights.

The KFC-themed hotel room will have a “hot-winger arcade machine” for guests.


Guests will have access to a private cinema, a “hot-winger arcade machine,” and a “chicken-concierge service” — they just have to push the “press for chicken” button and wait for free chicken to be delivered to their room, KFC said.

Guests have a $139 allowance during their stay for chicken orders to “prevent over consumption,” KFC told Insider in an email. 

A large red button sits on a small table with a big red arrow above it which says "press for chicken."

The pop-up hotel room will have a “chicken-concierge service” for guests to order free chicken.


Guests can book only one-night stays for a maximum of two people, according to Hotels.com, which will take the hotel’s bookings from August 11.

Guests can book for six of the 11 nights, KFC told Insider in an email. Two nights are reserved for select KFC guests, and one is for a KFC competition winner. It’s not clear what happens on the other nights.

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All the money raised from the promotion will go toward the KFC Foundation, KFC said in its press release. 

“Expect to see drumsticks in the detail, from bedding to wallpaper to an Arcade Machine and towel — fried chicken will never be far from your thoughts,” KFC said in the release.