How to Ride Your Bike Safely in the City

Most people are scared to ride their bikes through the city. They are scared of the fast-moving cars in the major highways of the city. Despite their fears, biking through urban areas is not as dangerous or complicated as they think. Urban areas are known for being heavily congested with people and traffic. When one is cycling through these busy streets, things can go wrong anytime. Here’s a practical guide you should follow when riding your bike in urban areas.

  • Know Your City’s Laws

Before taking your brand new city cruiser for a ride, learn more about the cyclist laws that apply to your city. As a cyclist, you need to know whether these laws allow you to ride along sidewalks. Find out if it is legal to overtake a car or wear a helmet when riding your bike. Just like driving, cities have laws that govern cycling activities. Adhering to these rules will prevent you from facing criminal charges for breaking the law. In most cities, cyclists are advised to ride in the correct lane and avoid speeding.

  • Respect The Drivers And Pedestrians On The Road

For you to ride your bike safely in the city, you must show respect to other people who are using the road. In this case, you will be sharing the road with pedestrians and drivers. Pay attention to the traffic lights every time you cruise around the streets. You should also look at the indicator lights on the cars that are moving in front of you. These lights will help you determine the direction in which a vehicle wants to turn. Be sure to alarm any pedestrian walking in the wrong lane when biking through a street crowded with people.

  • Carry A Basic Repair Kit

It is advisable to have a repair kit every time you hit the road as a way of being prepared for any mechanical problems that your bike may face. The repair kit should comprise of a patch kit, which you will need to fix damaged tires. You can tie the kit under your bike’s saddle. You can also pack it on a shoulder bag or backpack. You need to know how to use these tools to fix your bike. Furthermore, if you intend on covering a long distance, be sure to carry tools that can handle complex roadside repairs.

  • Carry A First Aid Kit

Besides carrying a repair kit, be sure to carry a complete first aid kit. The first aid kit is essential in case of an emergency or accident. It comprises of essentials such as micro-pore tapes, wadding, bandages, and plasters that come handy during cycling accidents. The kit may also contain tweezers, scissors or alcohol wipes. These essentials can help you in handling cuts, open wounds, and grazes. Seek medical emergency services for serious injuries like head injuries and broken bones.

  • Carry Out Routine Maintenance Checks On Your Bike

It is advisable to give your bike maintenance and safety checks before taking it to the busy city roads. These safety checks can help you determine if everything is still working properly. Check if the shifters and brakes work. Be sure to check your tire pressure and pump the tires up if they are below the recommended tire pressure levels. The good thing about most maintenance checks on bikes is that you can easily do them by yourself.

Bottom line

For you to have a pleasant experience when cycling through the city, you must obey the city’s cyclist laws. You should also show respect to motorists and pedestrians who are using the road. As far as safety in cycling is concerned, it is advisable to carry a basic repair kit and first aid kit when taking your bike for a ride. Routine safety and maintenance checks also help to ensure that your bike is functioning properly.

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