Here’s What Sam Heughan from Outlander Packs When He Travels

Here’s What Sam Heughan from Outlander Packs When He Travels

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Window, middle, or aisle seat?

It has to be the window so I can lean my head against the side, because I like to sleep. However, the aisle seat is always good because you get to the bathroom, and they tend to serve you pretty quickly.

Pack light or overpack?

I pride myself on being very practical and minimalist. However, for some reason, my job always means that I have to wear multiple outfits. And before you know it, you’ve been given two bags that are filled with suits, and you’ve got two cases to choose from. It’s so frustrating. I’m that type of person who goes to the airport and wants to move as quickly as possible through security and straight to the gate. I want to be so efficient, but it never happens.

Favorite way to pass time on a plane

As soon as the engines are on, I’m out. I fall asleep straight away. I don’t know if it’s the sound, but normally I miss the takeoff. Later, when I wake up, I love to read. I love the newspaper, I love a crossword. And then, of course, once I’ve failed at the crossword, I watch a movie.

Biggest travel fear

I think it’s probably being stuck at an airport. I don’t mind if my bags go missing—absolutely fine, I’m good with it. But being stuck in a long line at immigration, that’s a tough one.

Best tip for fighting jet lag

I suppose the best things to do are probably hydrate, not drink, get an early night’s sleep, do a workout. Do I do those things? Not really, as I like to enjoy myself on an airplane. But having said that, I also get so excited to get somewhere new, so I just want to go out and explore wherever I am.

Favorite travel snack

I love warm nuts, not too salty. I always carry a protein bar with me because I kind of get hungry at times. And I love a pretzel.

Go-to drink order on a plane

Gin and tonic, hands down. It’s a refreshing, easy drink. I feel like other cocktails don’t really work on the plane. And I always pass on the wine—doesn’t do it for me.

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