Grandparents mistakenly buy K worth of Disney+ gift cards instead of Disney Parks for family trip

Grandparents mistakenly buy $10K worth of Disney+ gift cards instead of Disney Parks for family trip

NORMAL, Ill. (Gray News) – An Illinois family’s Christmas vacation to Disney was nearly ruined after the grandparents mistakenly bought $10,000 worth of Disney+ streaming services gifts cards instead of Disney Parks gift cards.

In a series of TikTok videos, Andie Coston explains that her parents were planning a big family trip for all 16 family members.

To save some money, Coston’s parents decided to buy $10,000 worth of Disney gift cards from Sam’s Club and pay for the trip with those.

Gift cards at Sam’s Club are often discounted up to 25%, meaning for every $100 gift card you buy, it would only cost you $75.

Thus, a gift card purchase worth $10,000 would likely save the family around $2,500.

But Coston’s parents made a major mistake. They accidentally purchased gift cards for Disney+ streaming services rather than for Disney Parks.

Coston said she realized the mistake when her parents, who are 78 years old, were having problems loading the gift cards correctly online.

“Yup. We have $10k of Disney Plus Streaming services. That’s over 70 years of Disney Plus,” Coston said in a TikTok video.

Coston made the TikTok videos in hopes of finding someone who would know how to rectify the situation. But the story was hit with a lot of criticism from commenters.

“I’m not in the right tax bracket to feel empathy for this situation I don’t think,” one TikTok user said.

Others were confused about how Coston’s parents were able to buy $10,000 worth of gift cards in one sitting, as many retailers have a limit on how many can be purchased at one time.

Coston, however, said she is “equally confused” by that.

“I don’t know why somebody let them buy that many cards of streaming services,” she said.

TikTok users were pointing out that the marketing on the Disney+ gift cards is very clear that they are for the streaming service, not for theme parks. But Coston said her 78-year-old parents didn’t know the difference.

“It really comes down to a generational gap of understanding streaming services and what Disney+ is,” she said.

Although the situation was hit with a lot of criticism, Coston had some commenters on her side.

“This comment section is not it. Think about the 78-year-olds in your life and tell me you can’t see this happening? Compassion over judgment pls,” one wrote.

Fortunately for the family, because the story blew up nationwide, they were put in contact with the right person at Disney who could fix the situation for them.

Some were accusing Coston of trying to get a free trip or refund, but she said that was never the goal.

“This wasn’t about the money, or getting anything free or a free trip … I was hoping to find somebody who would know what to do or who could fix it,” Coston said.

Coston said Disney is turning the $10,000 worth of Disney+ gift cards into $10,000 worth of Disney Parks gift cards, and her family is happy to know that they will still be enjoying their Christmas vacation.

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