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Genuine information on how you can upgrade your hardware

Genuine information on how you can upgrade your hardware

Upgrading a laptop is not as easy as we do to our desktops. The new laptops are the toughest to improve because of their complex configurations. Despite that, there are certain things you can still upgrade on a computer. It is either you upgrade the RAM or the solid-state drive. But if we are to face reality, buying a laptop with the aim of the future upgrade is not in any way a good idea. But because some parts of it might need replacement or upgrade because those parts may not be able to function as we want while every other part of the Laptop is still in good condition. Let’s make some comparisons of the two personal computers in question.

Desktop vs Laptop

In the case of building a new desktop PC, there are possibilities that there will be enough space in the casing of the PC. You must open it for sure and doing that will require that you get a screwdriver to remove the screws so you can get easy access to all the hard wares. The beauty behind this is that almost everything you are installing can be detached and replaced with another part. For example, if you buy a new CPU and you remove the screws, there are possibilities that the motherboard inside it may not have RAM so you will have to be the one to help yourself get a new set of RAMs for it to work effectively.  Some manufacturers may make these configurations of the Desktop computer complicated, but that does not mean you will not still be able to upgrade some things in it unlike the Laptop that things may seem a little or almost opposite.


The way manufacturers configure laptops are different. There is no how you can build a Laptop, unlike the desktops, that you can buy separate parts and assemble them. You can’t handle a laptop like that. Instead, you will have to obtain a prebuilt laptop from the manufacturer and build a custom chassis which is also called casing. There are some laptops that you may not be able to assemble yourself, such as Intel and Apple laptops that their configurations does not give room for upgrades.

Challenges to upgrading a laptop

Let’s discuss the challenges that you may face from upgrading your Laptop yourself

Design: one of the most significant challenges you may face trying to assemble or upgrade your Laptop is the design. Almost all laptop manufacturers have various models that nobody can imitate, which is one of the reasons why upgrading a laptop is always very difficult.

Opening it: you can find your way when you look to unlock your Laptop, after all, you bought it with your money, but you can’t have a pleasant experience doing it. Laptops have different components assembled so you may have to start removing them one by one before you can be able to remove the particular part you would like to replace or upgrade and one thing is that the new piece you want to fix may not be the same size as the old one.

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