Despite safety concerns, travel agents see spike in Spring Break travel to Mexico

Despite safety concerns, travel agents see spike in Spring Break travel to Mexico

DALLAS (CBSNewsTexas) – Despite safety concerns, in Mexico where four people were kidnapped, travel agents in North Texas said they continue to see an uptick in people traveling for Spring Break and ahead of summertime.

travels agents see spike in Spring Break travel to Mexico  and ahead of summertime.

People are making their way out the country ahead of warmer temperatures. 

“Travel is back and better than ever,” owner of Winner Circle Travel Agency, Angel Taylor said. “I feel like people are traveling more now post pandemic than pre-pandemic.” 

Taylor said she’s seen her clients nearly triple. One of the most popular destinations is Mexico.  

“I send clients there, that’s like one of my top destinations,” Taylor said. “It’s one of my favorite places to be,” said Sydney Chamber, who’s going south of the border soon. 

However, there are concerns following a recent incident involving U.S. citizens. The FBI confirms four people were kidnapped after a gunman opened fire on their car in Matamoros – in Northern Mexico near the border.  Matamoros is an area deemed by the federal government as “do not travel.”

“I did have some clients reach out to me in a panic,” Taylor said. “I reassured them, that the tourist areas like Cancun, Riviera Maya, those areas are safe for tourists, they’re staying at resorts, they’re not close to the border.”

Even still, the map from the U.S. Department of State shows the vast majority of Mexico is under some type of travel advisory, including the popular Northeastern Yucatan Peninsula home to desired destinations like Cancun, Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen – all fall under ‘increased caution” category. 

But for some people traveling, these alerts aren’t enough to alter their plans. 

“I don’t have too many safety concerns I’ve, like I said traveled enough,” Chamber said. “I know like to stay on my resort, Uhm, excursions I book with trusted companies when it comes to that. As far as when I go to Tulum… it’s real tourists so I kind of stay in those known areas.”

As travelers continue to head to Mexico or anywhere out of the country, Taylor offered some tips. 

“Don’t go in any areas that you’re unknown of or go wander off if you’re with a group — stay with your group,” Taylor said.