Couple forced to cancel vacation after erroneous K Starbucks tip

Couple forced to cancel vacation after erroneous $4K Starbucks tip

TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma couple found themselves in a battle with Starbucks after a glitch cost them thousands.

According to NBC News, Jesse O’Dell went to a Tulsa Starbucks and ordered two coffees for $11.83. Later in the day, his wife’s credit card was declined while shopping.

That’s when he says he learned they had been charged for a $4,444.44 tip on their coffee order.

The couple called their credit card company, but were told they couldn’t dispute the charge because it was “legitimate.”

O’Dell said Starbucks sent him checks to reimburse the expense, but those checks bounced. As a result of the fiasco, he said he had to cancel a family vacation.

Tulsa police investigated the case but determined the gratuity was either added by accident or by a machine error.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told Nexstar the reason the original checks bounced was because there was a typo. The issue has since been fixed, the spokesperson said. They issued new checks, which were cashed last Monday.

“This is an unfortunate situation that is now resolved,” the spokesperson said.