Best Prices for Popular Routes in 2021
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Best Prices for Popular Routes in 2021

Frequently asked questions

What is the best day to fly during Labor Day Weekend?

It depends on your route and schedule, but on average the cheapest day to fly on the routes we compared is Saturday, September 4. The next cheapest day is Thursday, September 2. 

Where are the best places to travel for Labor Day Weekend?

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, prompting millions of people to spend the long weekend traveling near beaches and cities. 

We rounded up flight prices for popular US destinations during Labor Day, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles. However, the most popular destination we gathered was New York City with common routes from Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami to the Big Apple. 

How can I find travel deals for Labor Day Weekend?

Find cheaper flights by comparing routes on different airlines, signing up for cheap flight subscriptions such as Scotts Cheap Flights, or by looking up deals on online travel agencies. 

In addition, OTAs such as Priceline,, and Expedia has deals sections highlighting ways to save on hotels and flights through discounts and packages. 

How do I find cheaper flights in general?

Comparing airfares, checking airlines for special offers, and signing up for newsletters are great options for saving money on airfare. Signing up for subscription services such as Scott’s Cheap Flights can also find you cheaper flights. Take a look at our guide to finding cheaper flights. 

What airlines have a free cancellation policy?

During the pandemic, airlines have shifted the way you can modify or cancel an existing flight. As a general rule of thumb, getting a refund back in your original payment form is difficult for any airline. 

Depending on the type of ticket you initially purchase, changing a flight or getting flight credit towards future travel is doable. American, Delta, Southwest, Alaska, and United do not have change fees for most tickets, and flight credit can be provided for most main fares or higher. 

For example, the saver fare on Alaska Airlines is not eligible for refunds or changes 24-hours after booking. Similarly, United’s basic economy fares are ineligible for refunds after 24-hours of booking. 

To learn more about airline cancelation policies, take a look at this guide to canceling or modifying your flight.