Another Road Trip |

Another Road Trip |

I’m on another road trip! This time I’m with Gayle and we’re headed to Pensacola Beach FL. We stopped overnight in Tennessee. On the way down, the sky was cloudy in Michigan with snow flurries, partly cloudy in Indiana, then clear in Kentucky. As we drove, the temperature actually dropped from 31 in Holland to 28 in Indianapolis, then rose to the low 40s by the time we hit Tennessee.

Check with GasBuddy – gas was about $3.40 in Indiana, but roughly 30 cents cheaper when we got into Kentucky. Putting in 15 gal., I could save $4.50 by waiting until I crossed the Ohio River to fill-up.

We stayed in Holland after the Lighted Holiday Parade Tuesday evening. We we went into the motel Tuesday evening, it was in the mid 50s. We woke up to snow pellets and temperatures in the low 30s with a stiff west wind.

Gayle continues the story: “We woke up Tue. AM. Our day began with waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon at the motel – yogurt for good health. After a 50=foot walk through the snowfall, we loaded the car and we were off on our vacation.. The farther south we went Wed. AM, the colder and windier it got. At our destination, Pensacola – they were reporting a thunderstorm and a warm 67 degrees. Bill said the Pensacola area had wind gusts of 50 mph in that storm.

Bill (and I) were recognized so many times at the Holland Parade. A lot of people must have watched the news Monday PM, because a lot of people commented on the video about Bill that was shown around 5:45 pm. So many selfies with Bill.

On the way down, we past the Kalamazoo River near Saugatuck, where we saw two boats in the water! Guys fishing – amid the strong wind and below-freezing temperatures.

Horray! Thanks to John Richards and everyone at MDOT for completing the connection from I-196 to US 31 that continues down through Berrien County on the way to South Bend. It’s a scenic road in Berrien County that crosses the St. Joseph River 3 times.

There were several fields that were a bright green. Looked like about 20% of the corn hasn’t been harvested yet.

One more thing of note. Last Tue. AM, we watched a hawk in our backyard trying to get a bird that was hiding deep in a rose bush in our backyard. The hawk flew around the bush, sat on a nearby fence, tried hard to get to the bird, that was well-protected in the center of the bush. Finally, the hawk flew away. I wished them both the best.

Check back later – I’ll write more about our trip.