5 tips to avoid vacation travel pains

5 tips to avoid vacation travel pains

We all love a good vacation, but how can we avoid the travel pain that might come along with it? Chiropractor Nekessa Remy from The Chiropractic Office has some tips for how to avoid pain when lugging heavy suitcases around and sleeping in unfamiliar locations.

1. Select the right luggage – materials, size, and weight of suitcases can all affect strain and pressure on the spine. Choose a suitcase that is lightweight, has two straps for more carrying options, and the pull-up handle should reach to your elbow to avoid bending.

2. Proper packing techniques – Put heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase near the wheels, while lighter items should be at the top.

3. Lifting and carrying properly – make sure you aren’t lifting with your back!

4. Packing for neck pain – a simple bath towel can be rolled up and placed inside a hotel pillow to create a more ergonomic shape for neck support. A sweater can also help. Roll up a sweater, use it to stretch your neck. Hold the sweater behind your neck, and pull forward to stretch.

5. Stretching – Sitting in a plane or car for extended periods of time can cause back pain. Simple stretches for your hips, and back after sitting can really help alleviate pain. Make sure to do these every hour.