July 2018

Your Guide to The US Esta

If you have plans to visit the USA in the near-future then it is important to remember that in amongst all of your travel planning and prep, you need to ensure that you have applied for, and been granted your USA visa. The visa process for many countries was changed in 2015, and this is now an electronic visa which you need to apply for online. If this is the first that you have heard about the US Esta, here is what you need to know.

Do I Need One?

The people who need to apply for an Esta are those who are citizens of any nations which signed up to the Visa Waiver Program. Generally speaking this covers the large majority of nationalities who come to the US each year, you check on this website whether or not you need apply.

How to Apply?

The application process is very simple indeed, just head to the US government website for the Esta, and begin your application. Throughout the application you will need answer questions about who you are and what you do (be sure to have your passport handy,) as well as telling them about why you are coming to the USA, and what your plans are when you are there?

Could I Get Rejected?

Applications which are rejected are those that come from people with a criminal background, who are members of organizations which are seen as dangerous, who have no-fly orders or those who are suspected of terrorist activity. If you are rejected and you don’t know why, it could be something as simple as someone with a dubious past, that has the same name as you. You will know whether you have been approved or rejected in just  few minutes upon completion of your application.

When Should I Apply?

It is best to apply around a month prior to your departure, as there is always a possibility that you could be rejected. If this happens you will need to go to the nearest US embassy, and try to fix the issue, applying a month in advance will give you time to get this sorted.

What About Kids?

Kids also need to have an Esta, regardless of age.

Application Cost?

The application costs $14, which is a non-refundable payment, you will pay this for each application that you need to make.

How Long Does It Last? 

Once you have been granted the Esta, you will be able to freely travel throughout the USA multiple times, for a 2 year period. After two years, you will need to apply for your Esta once again.

What If I Don’t Have One?

The short answer is that if you don’t have an Esta, you will not be permitted into the country. If you were rejected an Esta, you may be given a temporary visa with which you can enter the country, without one of these visas, you cannot enter US territory.

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The 3 Essential Supplements You Should Always Travel With

Going away on holiday should always be a fabulous time and enjoyed to the fullest. In an ideal world, the foods we eat would provide us with all the nutrients we need.

Travelling can be a stressful time and the choice of foods available are also limited. Confined spaces and new environments can harbour many hidden bugs or illnesses.

Getting sick while you’re away is the worst, personally, I never travel abroad without these three must have nutritional supplements and you shouldn’t either!

Hydrochloric Acid

HCI for short, also known simpler as stomach acid. Many of us have a stomach acid deficiency. Hydrochloric acid’s main purpose is to sterilise our foods (extremely important when you eat that questionable kebab gone midnight after a late-night partying) and to break down proteins. Supplementing HCI while your away on holiday can help towards optimal digestion and greater absorption of the vitamins and minerals within the foods you eat.

Probiotic Tablets

When you travel we encounter all sorts, making sure our immune system is performing at its best should be a priority. Those long days and late nights out can really take its toll on our bodies.

Dheli Belly, Traveller’s Tummy or Traveller’s Diarrhoea as it is more commonly known as can be extremely uncomfortable and put a complete downer on your holiday. Traveller’s Diarrhoea (TD) is common amongst travellers. Complaints can range from 5% – 50% depending on the destination. Symptoms of TD can last up to four days and in some cases a week or more. Taking probiotic tablets will keep us regular, it can help boost our body’s immune system and fight new microbes our bodies are exposed to. If you don’t take probiotic tablets regularly already, I would start taking 1-2 capsules a day (with food) up to two weeks before your holiday


Travelling and staying in new environments can have an impact on your sleep. Broken or lack of sleep is common to many of us when going on holiday. Your body uses magnesium for energy production, blood glucose management, muscle and nerve function. Magnesium is great post flight supplement as it aids in relieving stiff and sore muscles caused by long flights and restricted mobility. The National Institute of Health published a study in 2012, showing that magnesium can also improve the symptoms of insomnia.

You should consider travelling with a magnesium supplement if you have previously had trouble sleeping when travelling, or if you are wanting to make sure you get a great night’s sleep wherever your travels take you. Drinking alcohol can also greatly deplete the body’s magnesium levels, so this supplement is perfect for those lively holidays with friends.

Regardless of whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, these three recommended travel supplements will keep you feeling your best throughout your trip by protecting your immune system from the bad bacteria, providing optimal digestion of all foods and minerals and to help regulate your sleeping pattern.

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Packing Essentials for Long Haul Flights

Long haul flights can either be absolute bliss of your worst nightmare. The hours can seem to drag on forever or go really quickly, the trick is to occupy your time in the right way.

Be sure to pack lots of things to keep you occupied, or even to help you sleep through the journey, as staring at the back of somebody else’s seat for 8 hours just doesn’t seem to cut it. Here are some packing essentials to consider if you’re going on a long haul flight…

Light jacket:

A light jacket is the perfect airplane packing essential, as it can get quite chilly when you are up in the air. Try to avoid anything that’s too bulky as it will be annoying to carry after you have reached your destination and you will more than likely overheat.

Your jacket can double up as the perfect blanket when you are up in the air, you will inevitably try to nap during your long journey… so you may as well be comfortable when you do so!

Trtl pillow:

The Trtl travelling pillow is one of the most favoured travel pillows around, there are lots of colours to choose from, but the premise remains the same… comfort. There is a build in neck support that allows for the perfect napping position whilst travelling.

If you want to nap on a long haul flight, then we would recommend giving one of these travelling pillows a try.

Keep yourself occupied:

The worst thing about long haul flights is the boredom and sitting down for so long. Try taking a walk up and down the aisle every few hours to give your legs a stretch. It’s also important to bring along some boredom busters for the journey.

Whether you like to get stuck into a good novel, or are more into puzzles, find your niche and run with it. Stock up on snacks, magazines, puzzle books, the works as this will prevent you from succumbing to boredom.

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Essential Styles for Travelling in 2018

Travelling around the world is a fantastic experience, but making sure you’re prepared with all the right luggage will get rid of any stress during the trip or having to pay out extra on products while you’re on a budget. Here’s a look at some essential styles to take away for perfect experience regardless of whether you’re heading to Europe, Asia or anywhere else!


It doesn’t need to be matching, but it’s always better if it is, having some comfortable clothes for any long-haul journeys will always help you through it. Picking up a mens twin set works better to show a good sense of style, there isn’t really any fashion guideline while travelling, but having something fitted, dark and comfortable always works well in the backpack.


Something for the sunny weather that will reduce any strain on your eyes. It also works well to cover your hair on the days you just don’t want to style it. Designer trucker caps are perfect for any weather and have breathability for those with longer hair, it’s a relaxed look to style and if it’s not already in the wardrobe, make sure either a cap or a hat of some form makes an appearance on your travels.


It might be obvious, but having a pair of old trainers with you that you’re willing to throw away or damage is important. Travelling around the world is likely to take you on some adventures you might not be ready for, which may include mud, paint or far worst! Having something comfortable that your willing to dispose of will make the trip a lot easier if some along these lines does happen. Let’s be honest no one would be happy to lose their best pair of shoes, and preparation is key when travelling.

Sensible Sliders

It’s vital that you test out your flip-flops/ sliders before you go away! It’s a common occurrence that some types of beach footwear can irritate, and there’s no point in lugging them around for a few months if you don’t intend on wearing them.

Daytime Backpack

Getting the most out of the travelling lifestyle is making sure you take both a big travelling bag and a smaller one for day to day use. As useful as a backpack is, it also works as a travel accessory to complete your travellers look, whether you pick out something simple or some more sophisticated is up to you.

A few essentials for you to take away that will both work in a fashion sense an help improve your time travelling. Looking into other travel essentials to take away is also important, paracetamol, plasters, a book and much more should be on the list from a much better experience.

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The 6 Bucket List Holidays Your Family Should Take This Year

When it comes to holidays, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you. Whatever the age of your child, you should consider trying something new. You might have always wanted to see the Northern Lights or escape to an island in the Indian Ocean. Holidays can also be a great way to make your child’s school curriculum come to life and help them learn.

The Northern Lights and Snow Safari

Taking a trip to Finnish Lapland is a great adventure and ideal for children aged 4 to 14. The Northern Lights are one of the greatest natural displays our planet has to offer. It is a completely free, multicoloured light show that is most common in the Arctic regions.

If you want to see these lights in their full glory, you will need to head north and to around 60 degrees latitude at least. Finnish Lapland is appealing to families for other reasons as well. You can easily combine the search for the Northern Lights with a snowmobile safari, a visit to a reindeer farm or go snowshoeing.

Sun, Sea and Sand

The Greek Islands are another great destination for a holiday and will be great for all children from babies to 18-year-olds. If you are bored of heading to other warm spots for the summer like Spain, France and Italy, you should take a trip to Greece. Greece has a great offering of sleepy villages, beautiful beaches, hearty food and amazing relics that will be universally appealing.

The last few years have been hard on Greek tourism. There was financial instability and then the eastern islands become the first port for thousands of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and Libya. This led to an 11% fall in tourists, but this can be good for you as there are now a lot of good deals to be had in the country.

Total Relaxation

If you want to relax for your holiday, you should head to St David’s which is ideal for children aged 1 to 8. Pembrokeshire is one of the best places for a family to head because of the attractions that keep the children occupied and the St Davids holiday cottages just off the coast. The coast surrounding St David’s will vie for your children’s attention with the incredible wildlife that they can find.

Many people do not realise that the area can be an entirely new environment that their children will love exploring. While this might seem like the least exotic feature on a bucket list, it can do a lot of change your family dynamics.

Live Ancient History

Ancient history is best appreciated in Sicily, Rome and Naples. These destinations will be best for older children aged 7 to 12. If you have a child that is a reluctant classicist, there is nothing like a trip to the source to change their mind.

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