March 2018

How to Ride Your Bike Safely in the City

Most people are scared to ride their bikes through the city. They are scared of the fast-moving cars in the major highways of the city. Despite their fears, biking through urban areas is not as dangerous or complicated as they think. Urban areas are known for being heavily congested with people and traffic. When one is cycling through these busy streets, things can go wrong anytime. Here’s a practical guide you should follow when riding your bike in urban areas.

  • Know Your City’s Laws

Before taking your brand new city cruiser for a ride, learn more about the cyclist laws that apply to your city. As a cyclist, you need to know whether these laws allow you to ride along sidewalks. Find out if it is legal to overtake a car or wear a helmet when riding your bike. Just like driving, cities have laws that govern cycling activities. Adhering to these rules will prevent you from facing criminal charges for breaking the law. In most cities, cyclists are advised to ride in the correct lane and avoid speeding.

  • Respect The Drivers And Pedestrians On The Road

For you to ride your bike safely in the city, you must show respect to other people who are using the road. In this case, you will be sharing the road with pedestrians and drivers. Pay attention to the traffic lights every time you cruise around the streets. You should also look at the indicator lights on the cars that are moving in front of you. These lights will help you determine the direction in which a vehicle wants to turn. Be sure to alarm any pedestrian walking in the wrong lane when biking through a street crowded with people.

  • Carry A Basic Repair Kit

It is advisable to have a repair kit every time you hit the road as a way of being prepared for any mechanical problems that your bike may face. The repair kit should comprise of a patch kit, which you will need to fix damaged tires. You can tie the kit under your bike’s saddle. You can also pack it on a shoulder bag or backpack. You need to know how to use these tools to fix your bike. Furthermore, if you intend on covering a long distance, be sure to carry tools that can handle complex roadside repairs.

  • Carry A First Aid Kit

Besides carrying a repair kit, be sure to carry a complete first aid kit. The first aid kit is essential in case of an emergency or accident. It comprises of essentials such as micro-pore tapes, wadding, bandages, and plasters that come handy during cycling accidents. The kit may also contain tweezers, scissors or alcohol wipes. These essentials can help you in handling cuts, open wounds, and grazes. Seek medical emergency services for serious injuries like head injuries and broken bones.

  • Carry Out Routine Maintenance Checks On Your Bike

It is advisable to give your bike maintenance and safety checks before taking it to the … Read More

Trainer styles to look out for in 2018

Trainers are a staple for mens streetwear style. They can add a fresh look to your streetwear style, and you can never have too many of them. Here are some trainer styles to look out for in 2018:


Bulky trainers

Bulky trainers are staying for this season. Have a look trainers such as Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 to the Adidas YUNG 1. Think of pairing it up with fitted tracksuit for that statement look in casual wear.


The return of the retro look

We all wish at times we can go back to the 1990s, and it looks like it can be granted. We will see the return of trainers and colours from the late 1990s. Nike Air Max Gundam ‘98 has been re-released in its full glory in its classic red, white, and royal blue colour, and have already been selling out by sneakerheads. Or you can look at New Balance Classics M574 for that classic retro look. You can pair it up with washout jeans and a casual T-shirt for this throwback style.



 With fashion constantly innovating, and sustainability being its main focus and becoming increasingly important to younger generations. It is inevitable this would eventually reach to the world of trainers. Nike has already leaped onto this bandwagon with their Flyleather range, and boasting that this range reduces 80% of the carbon footprint compared to traditional leather. Also, Nike Flyleather is five times more durable than full grained leather after conducting an abrasion test. Recently on the runway, Stella McCartney championed ethical fashion by using special stitching instead of glue for her Glueless Running trainers.

Pair these eco-trainers with your relaxed leg trousers and bomber jacket, and you’ll look fly.

Innovative fabrics

 Yes, there has been many reworked vintage styles in the works from the big brands. Innovation has always continued underneath the radar especially in 3D printing. Word on the grapevine is Adidas intends to utilise Carbon 4D for their Futurecraft range. Adidas champions this technology, as it reduces waste with its laser precision, and it can produces their sneakers in record time. Have a peak at Adidas Y-3 Runner 4D for the current state of the art meets science look.

Try to go a minimalist and sporty look with this trainers. Think fitted neutral joggers and relaxed hoodie.


Collaborations between sport brands and designers seems to be the current trend for this year. The New Balance for J.Crew 998 sneakers have already been sold out, and there are no signs of slowdown in collaborations this year. We have Adidas x Kolor (a Japanese retailer) release this year, called adiZero Prime Boosts, and not only they look stylish but they look great with their eye popping colours and modern materials.

You can pair the likes of these trainers in black hoodie and bomber jacket, and black jeans if you want to keep your look understated and let those trainers do the talking.… Read More

Top Places to Visit in Spain

At some point in time, Spain overtook the United States as the second most popular destination to travel to. Welcoming approximately 82.2 million international travelers in 2017. These numbers are up from previous years when 75.3 million visited.

Whether you like to bask in the sunshine, 2824 hours on average a year, visit the stunning architecture, sample the culinary delights it has to offer, Spain has something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular destinations in Spain and we’ll even take a peek at some of the lesser known destinations.


Long famous for their iconic architecture, you’ll enjoy excellent food and a nightlife that’s unsurpassed, this is why it is a popular destination for a stag do (Junggesellenabschied Spanien) and hen party. Barcelona is a vibrant city on the seaside that is full of excitement.

La Rambla is the heart of this city. There are plenty of restaurants as well as shops and plenty of entertainment. Don’t forget to wander through and see the medieval Gothic Quarter that is overflowing with beautiful churches, grand palm-tree filled places, and narrow streets.

Your visit to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Gaudi’s famous La Sagrada Familia Basilica. Masterpieces have long been under construction and although the construction started in 1882, it’s not anticipated that they will be complete until the year 2041.

The Barcelona-El Prat Airport is a mere 8 miles from the center of this thriving city.


This sultry city is long renowned as the “frying pan” of our visit to Spain. A cool vibe this Moorish architecture and the ancient streets make this an ideal city to explore for several days.

Andalusia, the capital, is famous for tapas bars, orange trees, and flamenco. You’ll love the scent of the orange trees that permeate the air.

Pay a visit to the Cathedral of Saint Mary and indulge your senses. You’ll enjoy a visit to the Plaza de Espana and the Alcazar palace while you’re here. Don’t forget the Jewish Quarter of famous Santa Cruz, this is a beautifully preserved Jewish District.


With much to offer, this Modernist architecture and art nouveau buildings have much to offer. From great museums and the character filled old quarter history buffs will love the culture here. Head on over to UNESCO that is listed as the silk exchange. Valencia and Mercado Cathedrals offer you a lot to explore.

You’ll enjoy gourmet cuisine and long lunches and dinners are practically a requirement here. As a Coastal city, it’s surrounded by fertile vegetable and fruit farmlands and famous for rice dishes such as paella. There’s plenty of other foods to explore as well.

Valencia’s Manises Airport is only 5 miles from the main city center.


Here you’ll find a stunning art culture. This city is rich in museums, theaters and there are many monuments to explore and discover on this visit. Don’t forget to explore the remains of the amphitheater and the 1000-year-old … Read More

Top Places to Visit in Spain

Spain has overtaken the United States and has become the second most popular travel destination in the last year. It was able to receive about 82.2 million international tourists in the year 2017 – which is more than what they have ever gotten, and it increased from 75.3 million in 2016. Below we are going to look at some of the most popular places and also some great gems in Spain that are lesser-known.

Binisafuller Menorca

If you have a dream of spending your time in a beachside heaven that is secluded and has pristine, silky white sand, teal water, knotted pines, Menorca is where it will all come true. You will have to travel half an hour from the airport located in the capital Mahon, you will be happy you took the time to visit this perfect hideaway. You will not have to deal with a lot of distractions, you will have the beach, whitewashed villas, and fishing boats bobbing peacefully.


This city is famous for having some of the most iconic architecture, a pulsing nightlife, excellent food. Barcelona is an amazing city that will offer a lot of excitement.
The beating heart of the city is the La Rambla with its many restaurants, shops, and entertainers. When you go to Rambla, you will be able to see the medieval Gothic Quarter, which has many beautiful churches, plazas, and narrow streets.

You cannot say you truly visited Barcelona if you did not visit the famous La Sagrada Familia Basilica. This is an amazing masterpiece that is being constructed since 1882 and it is estimated that it will be completed in 2014.

Airport: you will find the Barcelona-El Prat Airport located 8 miles from the city centre.


This is a sultry city that will prove to be a cool city to visit. It has ancient streets and Moorish structures that will provide you with something to tour for a couple of days.
The capital is known as Andalusia and it is popular for the flamenco, orange trees, and tapas bars – and this leaves a fragrance throughout the place.
You will also have a chance to visit the Alcazar Palace, Plaza de Espana, Cathedral of Saint Mary, and also the Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz, a preserved Jewish District.

Airport: There is the Seville International Airport that is located seven miles from the city centre.


This city has a lot to offer, ranging from Modernist architecture and amazing nouveau buildings to great museums with a characterful old quarter. If you are a culture vulture or history lover, you can visit the UNESCO listed Lonja de la Seda. Mercado and Valencia Cathedrals, and also the Museo de Bellas Artes.
One great pleasure you can get to enjoy in Valencia is gourmet cuisine, where you get to experience long dinners and lunches. The coastal part of the city has farmlands that are very fertile and full of fruit and vegetables and known for amazing rice dishes such as paella, … Read More

The Best 3 Destinations to Visit In 2018

We’ve gone above and beyond to visit the charms of Chile to the glorious sights of Borneo, Malaysia and the beautiful history of Florence and selected the top 3 best destinations to visit in 2018.

1. Chile

Last year, Brazil owned South America, this year, Chile has taken over for the year 2017. Slowly and methodically, Chile, the most overlooked wonderland, has taken the adventure of tourism to a new level. It’s picked up the World Travel Award.

Why? Well, Chile is an amazing 2,650-mile journey and yet, it’s never over 150 miles wide at any given location. Full of unique ecosystems, topographic, biodiversity and more it has over thirty-six national parks and many of the most extreme environments you’ll ever see. You’ll see deserts and fjords as well as subpolar islands and footpaths and roads that are all necessary infrastructure in order to allow for access.

The capital of Chile is full of newer boutique hotels and Luciano K, as well as Magnolia, are two of the latest. It also includes fine dining with four fabulous restaurants in the influential San Pellegrino Top 50. The fourth-placed Borago is above any in Buenos Aires.

The wine tourism in Chile is the highest developed wine south of Napa. The Maule Valley opens up to its visitors with a smart and new five-room hotel boutique at Casa Bouchon.

It’s time to head out to some extremes now at the Atacama Desert to the north. Here, you can enjoy the hot-air balloon flights that go out over the salt lakes and the Patagonia where you can escape and set off on a slow but pleasurable drive along the lonely Southern Highway of Ayesen’s and you can stay at Parque Patagonia which is Chile’s newest and least crowded of the protected areas.

2. Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo is a fascinating trip and offers a look into an incredible and mysterious country. Here, you’ll find that there are exotic and rare creatures that go bump in the night. Craggy mountains and rainforest that are shrouded in mist wind alongside wide rivers and you can relax and restore your energy.

Malaysia’s Borneo is a fine destination on many bucket lists. The natural beauty will be beyond your wildest imagination and you’ll find that you fall for those cute Orangutans.

A stopover in Sandakan, and you can see River Kinabatangan snakes that are from the southwest mountains to the Sulu Sea. As the second longest river in the region, it’s renowned for its wildlife. A boat ride will find you peering back at Gibbons, probosci monkey’s, rhinos, rare birds and more. There is a sad reason that all of this wildlife is so visible to man now.

Sepilok Jungles Resort is sprawling and large. This accommodation embraces the jungle and weaves into and around the natural landscape. Here, you’ll find walking bridges and very high and amazing walkways that will take you up and over the green ponds. Resorts have refreshing pools and offer you a welcome relief … Read More