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Why Should You Visit Greece?

Greece is a country located almost entirely on islands because the sea is everywhere! The warm seas like the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean surround the mainland. Beach lovers will enjoy spending their vacations here. It concerns both the cost of hotel rooms and prices for food and things.

Beach Holidays in Greece

The high beach season comes in summer. You can easily find luxury villas in Greece at an excellent price. On the mainland, located north, the climate is a bit cooler, so it’s best to vacation here from May to September. 

The most popular resorts are the Saronic Islands, the Peloponnese, Crete, the Ionian Islands, the North Aegean Islands, and Rhodes. On the islands, it lasts from April to October. 

Winter Vacations

If you have planned your vacation in winter, the best place to spend it would be in the ski resorts. The season here lasts from November to April. 

The most popular winter resorts are Vassilitsa and Kaymaktsalan. Vasilitsa is situated in the northern part of the country, not far from Grevena. Kaimaktsalan is popular because it is located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. 

The most modern place for skiing can be confidently called Pigadia. It is about 100 km from Thessaloniki. 

Excursions in Greece

The country’s rich ancient history is embodied in the glorious architectural monuments. The whole of ancient Greek mythology is punctuated by references to historical sites as the island of Crete, Athens, Mount Olympus, Mount Athos, Macedonia, and the Golden Delphi.

The island of Rhodes has preserved the authentic culture of medieval knighthood. Here is a restored knight’s castle, built in the 14th century. 

Island of Crete

It is home to the Minoan civilization and the biggest island. Life here flows unhurriedly. It is a resort rich with beautiful beaches, unique nature, and crystal clear seawater. 


It is the most famous seaside resort in Greece. Here you can relax in the luxurious bars and restaurants. The beaches are pebbly, well-groomed and the water is always clean. The sun shines in Rodos 300 days a year! 


Thessaloniki is a modern cultural center. However, the city is more than 3000 years old! Make sure to book a tour if you plan to visit Thessaloniki! Different festivals, holidays, and cultural events are often held here.

What to See

  1. The Acropolis of Athens. The oldest monument of architecture.
  2. Parthenon. One of the most unusual ancient temples of Greece is Athens. Its ruins preserve the columns built in 447 BC.
  3. Achillion. A beautiful palace with a garden on the island of Kerkyra, made by an Austrian empress.
  4. Melissani. A cave lake, which you can spot on the island of Kefalonia.
  5. Parnassus. A sacred mountain in Greece is associated with mythical lore.


Greece has a temperate Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot, especially on the island part of the state. The temperature reaches 45°C in the summer, and the water in the sea warms up to +28°C. 

The northern part of Greece is not so hot during the summer. The air temperature stays around +35°C, and the water in the sea is about +22…+25°C. 

In winter, temperatures in Greece rarely drop below zero. Usually, it is within +10…+15°С. On the islands in winter, the thermometer may reach +18°C. Planning a trip to Greece, take some spring clothes and a warm sweater.