Tourism Sector in Golfito Costa Rica Celebrates Arrival of First Cruise Ship

Tourism Sector in Golfito Costa Rica Celebrates Arrival of First Cruise Ship

The MS Maasdam, mid-size cruise ship of Holland America Line, arrived at the Golfito dock in the South Pacific of Costa Rica this week with 1,164 passengers aboard between tourists and crew; this is the first cruise that Golfito receives since its relaunching as tourism destination for mid-size cruise ships.

Tourists were able to leave the ship and enjoy different cultural activities that had been prepared for them in Golfito, the cruise ship remained there several hours on Monday and then traveled to Quepos on Tuesday and made its final stop in Puntarenas on Wednesday.

This is the beginning of a new era. It is the relaunching of Golfito as a cruise ship destination, and eventually for other tourism markets”, stated Marco Mora, CEO of Travelia Services company organizer of the visit of the MS Maasdam to this region.

“Golfito and its dock are a very important destination for Costa Rica, it could become the number one destination for cruise ships in our country since it gathers all the environmental qualities that enchant cruise travelers”, commented Juan Ramón Rivera, Executive President of INCOP.

Golfito had prepared for this event, making needed repairs to the docking area and building a new area to receive the tourists, this is the biggest ship received in Golfito.

The Golfito dock was built in 1939 by the Costa Rican Banana Company, a subsidiary of the United Fruit Company with the object of serving as a platform for the export of banana to the United States; today it is changing its purpose to take advantage of the incredible natural richness the area possesses.

The next cruise ship will be arriving at Golfito October 18, the Silver Express.

This same week another cruise ship with almost 3000 passengers aboard decided to cancel its stop in Puntarenas due to security concerns as a result of the labor strike.

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