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Things You Should Know About Paris

Things You Should Know About Paris

Paris is the capital of France, and also a major European destination for travellers around the world. Paris is the global centre for art, culture, fashion, and gastronomy.

For centuries Paris has been one of the world’s most popular and attractive cities. It has some of the most beautiful landmarks and architecture in Europe. The fascination surrounding Paris is a sensation that has been seen and felt around the world. It is an ideal place for any history major and art lover.

The city is known for its tourist’s attraction from the Eiffel Tower to the beautiful churches, breathtaking architecture and Arch of Triumph. If you are looking to visit France, you will do well to read about travel agencies in France on to know which of them can provide you with the best experience in France and those that will not. You will subsequently be able to make an informed decision on which companies to patronize and those to avoid during your sojourn to France.

However, with all the beautiful things to see in Paris, visiting Paris can be a mixture of well-loved and highly overrated experiences.

Reasons Why Paris is Overrated and Not Overrated

This article will discuss some of the areas where Paris is overrated as well as the areas where Paris is not overrated.

Overrated: Transportation

Metro stations are conveniently available throughout the entire city and are useful when you don’t have your car. However, the metro stations can be too crowded. The queues are far too long and this chaos is very particular to the Paris Stations that we never quite experienced anywhere else in the world.

Not Overrated: Great Wine and Cheese

Luckily, Paris has varieties of wines from tasting tours, expensive and inexpensive, to all types of qualities and strengths of wine. Paris also offers delicious cheeses be it Maroilles, Camembert, Munster or Brie. They are the perfect pair with wines.

Overrated: The Weather

Paris isn’t too far away from London, it has quite similar weather to London. It can get a lot of rain throughout the year, which is not ideal when Paris is a great city to walk around. The cold weather can affect plans for exploring the city.

Not Overrated: Perfect Location For Day Trips

Paris is an ideal place for day trips. You can visit the Eiffel Tower (sensational pieces of architectural brilliance), Disneyland Paris, Palace of Versailles and chateaus that are less than an hour out of the city. Paris is also known for its beautiful museums such as the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and Centre Pompidou. While exploring Paris, make sure to experience its art shows, art stores and creative festivals.

Overrated: Expensive

Paris is just too expensive compared to many other European cities. For more than 10 years, Paris has been in the top expensive cities in the World. However, there are alternative affordable places in Paris that are not extremely expensive. When travelling to Paris, it is important to create a budget and find restaurants and stores within it.

Not Overrated: Cafes, Bakeries and Restaurants

Paris has numerous cafes, bakeries and restaurants that offer well-pleasing services. They serve delicious French foods to it tourists and local. From Fresh croissants, hot chocolates to macaroons. For food lovers, you can’t get enough of delicious delicacies.

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