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Things to Do in Vietnam 

Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam has grown to be one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The country is awash with attractions for holiday lovers. Whether you are looking for vibrant cities, ancient history, or the people, Vietnam is the place. It is a city of adventure that will make every moment worth it.

Here are some of the must-do activities when you visit Vietnam;

  • How about the world’s largest cave? 

If you like the euphoria that comes with exploring caves, then the Quang Binh province is the place to visit. Home to several caves, the place hosts Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world. Choose between exploring the caves or going for the popular treks. The place is not short of guides and the protective gear for your exploration.

  • Learn all about coffee and related activities

So far, the farthest most people have experienced with coffee is the morning brew from the coffee maker. It’s time you changed that by visiting one of the biggest coffee producers in the world in Vietnam. Buon Ma Thuot allows you an unrivaled experience of the coffee world. Visit the World Coffee Museums for a wide range of coffee experience. You can also opt for the Coffee Festival.

  • Stay with the locals.

Give your visit to Vietnam more meaning by interacting with the locals more. Instead of the usual tourist trail, consider venturing into the locality. Stay among the people in the rural provinces of Hoa Binh. Talk to your Vietnam visa processor to provide for a more extended stay if you hope to experience this culture.

  • Rekindle your Romance at the Sapa’s love Market 

Every travel enthusiast knows that Paris, France, is the city of love. It’s not about to change. Vietnam recognizes it and brings you a little France to town in the form of the Sapa love market. The market has had a long tradition of love songs on Saturdays. The only difference is that it currently happens at night, only for those willing to go deeper in search of the allure.

  • Experience the ancient civilization at the Son Hindu Sanctuary 

Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, and there is no other place to experience this than at the Son Hindu sanctuary. A UNESCO recognized heritage; the sanctuary provides an untampered Hindu religion knowledge unlike never before. It is home to over 70 structures for the Hindu gods and goddesses.

  • Cruise the Mekong Delta 

The other thing you don’t want to miss in Vietnam is the bubbly water body called the Mekong Delta. Also called the “rice bowl,” the delta is at the Mekong river’s end before out-letting to the South China Sea. This point is a beehive of activities as it waters several farms. It is excellent for an excursion, whether for a day or weeks.

Bottom Line 

Are you torn on where to go for your next holiday trip? You don’t have to worry much when Vietnam is still as fabulous as it is. Book your next trip to this place for lifetime memories.

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