The Top Fashion Trends of 2018

The year 2018 was a catwalk season that defied all standard explanations in the same way as a contemporary society. In one corner of the fashion world, there is an explosion of glitz and glamour; however, in another corner, there is an overwhelming wave of nostalgia and good humour. Moreover, the opposite end of the catwalk spectrum boasts a strong sense of punk-rock rebellion.

As always, fashionistas attempt to distil the season’s various themes and sub-themes into chunks for the fashion-hungry audience. This is why you can be sure that only the best of contemporary design will be available for your eyes.

Trend #1: Glitz and Glamour

An ever-returning theme to the world of fashion in recent years is the glitz and glamour style. Dries van Noten embraced this culture dedicating his Spring/Summer 2018 show to The Optimist who knows the rules, and knows how to break the rules. Addicted to elegance and fun, but the ubiquity of the evening wear in this show indicates a real shift in style. According to the Erdem, Saint Laurent, and Maison Margiela shows, it is time to reconsider heels for evening wear and give in to the glitter of these dresses.

The season’s update includes the return of the voluminous pouffe, bubble hemline that made Cristobal Balenciaga known across the globe. The glamorous pouffe dress covered is swaying ostrich features or a molten shimmer black fabric presents with an outstanding, yet delicate, impact.

A similar trend includes the 1980’s party girl style. This offers a sense of nostalgia ruling the Paris and Milan fashion shows, and surfacing as one of the returning trends from eighties icon designs used by Elle Courbee, Givenchy, Isabel Marant and Stella MaCartney to name a few.

This Spring/Summer season was one when the original supermodel returned to the internet in pouffe hemlines and stonewashed denim jeans. The iconic Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, followed in her mother’s footsteps emerging as one of the newest catwalk stars.

Trend #2: Sheer Madness

May the skirts be long and transparent when the spring season arrives. Based on the designs from Christian Dior, Christopher Kane and Dries van Noten, all the best designs will have sheer material; thereby, giving a new definition to the term ‘light and airy’. Ranging from a net to tulle, super simple to multi-layered; the sheer skirt presents in various guises.

A micro-trend as part of the sheer madness trend is the use of clear plastic bags. Potentially part of the nineties nostalgia trend, the clear plastic bands blend well with the sheer designs offering fashionista glimpses of what lies beneath the garment. Valentino, Helmut Lang, Celine, and Chanel have all used this micro-trend opting for clear bags as part of the Spring/Summer 2018 catwalk show.

Trend #3: The Nineties Nostalgia

When fashion designers are not returning to the eighties, they are reviewing the nineties and reviving some of the best-selling trends of that time. At Burberry, this nostalgic trend meant a revival of the classic check pattern. However, Donatella Versace celebrated Gianni’s full archive by reviving the most well-known designs and prints. Regardless of whether it was plaid dresses atop white t-shirts, slips beneath clothing, or the infamous feather boa; the nineties was a time to be celebrated from a fashion perspective.

Additional nineties nostalgic trends heading your way during the spring/summer season include cargo denim, pastels, grunge garments and, unbelievably, cycling shorts!

A micro-trend as part of the nineties nostalgia trend involves the use of monogram bags. Whether it was Fendi, Gucci or one of the other big-name fashion houses known for repetition logos; the monogrammed bag is back in business. Styles can vary from the giant shopping back, through to the clutch or bum bag.

Trend #4: The Artificial Intelligence Trend

Plastic, traditionally the material used for grocery bags, rain ponchos and water bottles, has been considered one of the greatest fashion discoveries in the spring/summer 2018 season. Appearing at all big houses and in different designs, ranging from futuristic moto-jackets at Valentino to the capes and boots from Chanel, or even functional raincoats at Burberry.

However, the trend is packed with irony. By elevating the synthetic plastic material to luxury status, fashion designers are using it to dress down clothing glamour and add an element of fashion sport. It is important that you prepare for the garments to be transparent and the texture to be rubbery.

A micro-trend in artificial intelligence is the elevation of the ordinary. Tablecloths or washing gloves have been raised from basic household accessories to high-class couture at Balenciaga or Christopher Kane – all in the sense of whimsy and fun.

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