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The Best 3 Destinations to Visit In 2018

By: Gary Ashley

We’ve gone above and beyond to visit the charms of Chile to the glorious sights of Borneo, Malaysia and the beautiful history of Florence and selected the top 3 best destinations to visit in 2018.

1. Chile

Last year, Brazil owned South America, this year, Chile has taken over for the year 2017. Slowly and methodically, Chile, the most overlooked wonderland, has taken the adventure of tourism to a new level. It’s picked up the World Travel Award.

Why? Well, Chile is an amazing 2,650-mile journey and yet, it’s never over 150 miles wide at any given location. Full of unique ecosystems, topographic, biodiversity and more it has over thirty-six national parks and many of the most extreme environments you’ll ever see. You’ll see deserts and fjords as well as subpolar islands and footpaths and roads that are all necessary infrastructure in order to allow for access.

The capital of Chile is full of newer boutique hotels and Luciano K, as well as Magnolia, are two of the latest. It also includes fine dining with four fabulous restaurants in the influential San Pellegrino Top 50. The fourth-placed Borago is above any in Buenos Aires.

The wine tourism in Chile is the highest developed wine south of Napa. The Maule Valley opens up to its visitors with a smart and new five-room hotel boutique at Casa Bouchon.

It’s time to head out to some extremes now at the Atacama Desert to the north. Here, you can enjoy the hot-air balloon flights that go out over the salt lakes and the Patagonia where you can escape and set off on a slow but pleasurable drive along the lonely Southern Highway of Ayesen’s and you can stay at Parque Patagonia which is Chile’s newest and least crowded of the protected areas.

2. Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo is a fascinating trip and offers a look into an incredible and mysterious country. Here, you’ll find that there are exotic and rare creatures that go bump in the night. Craggy mountains and rainforest that are shrouded in mist wind alongside wide rivers and you can relax and restore your energy.

Malaysia’s Borneo is a fine destination on many bucket lists. The natural beauty will be beyond your wildest imagination and you’ll find that you fall for those cute Orangutans.

A stopover in Sandakan, and you can see River Kinabatangan snakes that are from the southwest mountains to the Sulu Sea. As the second longest river in the region, it’s renowned for its wildlife. A boat ride will find you peering back at Gibbons, probosci monkey’s, rhinos, rare birds and more. There is a sad reason that all of this wildlife is so visible to man now.

Sepilok Jungles Resort is sprawling and large. This accommodation embraces the jungle and weaves into and around the natural landscape. Here, you’ll find walking bridges and very high and amazing walkways that will take you up and over the green ponds. Resorts have refreshing pools and offer you a welcome relief from the heat of the day.

3. Italy

Home to stunning architecture, Italy offers up some incredible art as well as delicious cuisine and delicious wine. It’s frequently found on bucket lists.

Rome offers up a breathtakingly beautiful vista for your visit. Walk the streets and take your time, go ahead, get lost and wind your way through, you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Don’t forget to stop by Florence for a private tour and enjoy the skyline views. One of a church above Florence is breathtakingly beautiful and you’ll love the art and history that surround the region. The Uffizi Gallery offers some spectacular art from Italian Renaissance region.

Michelangelo’s famous Statue of David which is located nearby Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze and of course, the Duomo Cathedral that is famously done by Brunelleschi should be on everyone’s list.

Don’t forget that you’re going to fall in love with the charming details of the cobblestone streets and the intricate fountains and the statues on each of the corners and the rickety thatched roofs and the shutters that are so colourful.

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