The Benefits of Switching from a Salaried Agent to an Independent Travel Consultant
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The Benefits of Switching from a Salaried Agent to an Independent Travel Consultant

Are you a salaried travel agent working in a travel agency, interested in learning about what venturing out on your own as an independent agent could look like? TierOne Travel has put together this handy list of just a few of the many benefits that come with moving from salaried agent to starting your own independent travel business.

‘Working from home, better income & more freedom’ are just some of the benefits Vanny Baron TierOne Travel Independent Consultant has experienced since becoming her own boss.


Continue reading to discover even more of the benefits you can enjoy by making the leap!

Make More Money (Lots More Money!)

TierOne Travel independent travel consultant Lee Ann Burant is thrilled that she “ended up making more money than I had while being a salaried employee.”

When you’re ready to embark on a new journey and launch your own business, TierOne Travel has a variety of competitive and generous independent agent contract opportunities suited to your specific business model.

By being an independent consultant, you can focus on selling what you are passionate about while making more money than ever before.

With TierOne Travel’s exceptional supplier relationships, you earn higher commissions selling what you love.

Sell the Products You’re Passionate and Knowledgeable About

In the agency world, salaried agents aren’t always able to focus on selling the type of travel they’d like to sell. For example, if a travel agency already has an established wedding specialist, they might ask their agents to focus on selling products in another niche. Sometimes, this ends up being the lower-commission, less specialized type of travel products that you might not be overly passionate about selling.

When consultants decide to go independent with TierOne Travel, they can create a personalized brand and specialize in selling whatever types of products their hearts desire, which makes working more enjoyable – and lets you earn as much money as you’d like!

Work from Anywhere – Home, the Office, or the Beach

Work at your own pace and in your preferred environment – at home, on the beach, or in an office provided by us – whatever works best for you and your lifestyle!

Our Independent Consultant Nick Brown says that with all the freedom he has now, “I travel to Mexico every winter for 4 months. I can work just as easily from Mexico sipping on a margarita watching the waves. (Note to self, no drinking margaritas during business hours).”

Be Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Schedule

At TierOne Travel, we understand the value of living life to the fullest. When you join TierOne Travel, you can rest assured that our business model and structure create the flexibility for you to set your own schedule, chose your own clients, and decide where you want to work.

“While I have been as busy as ever, my workload is more relaxed and manageable. I am no longer trying to pack everything in between 9 to 5. I can work with my clients when they want, and they are thrilled when I suggest I can visit them in their homes,” says TierOne Travel Independent Consultant Nick Brown.

“No matter what is happening in your life, being independent gives you time for the important things,” Lee Ann Burant says. “This decision gave me all the flexibility I needed to raise my son and make a living.”

And sometimes, making the change to be an independent consultant just makes more sense. “It made more logical sense for me if I was going to stay in the travel industry that I would have to move on to being independent, which is much more lucrative and has the freedom I was looking for,” says TierOne Travel Independent Consultant Vanny Baron.

It might be worrisome to think about changing agencies. You might be scared that your clients won’t come back to you once you make the switch. TierOne Travel has agents who have made the change who have found this to not be an issue at all!

Lee Ann Burant says, “The scariest thing was not knowing if my clients would follow me, but the majority did, and our relationships are stronger because of it.”

Once you become independent, your clients will belong to you, versus in a salaried agency where often your clients belong to the agency. Even if you lose a few clients switching over, at TierOne Travel we value quality clients over quantity, and in the long run, this ideology will be beneficial to your business. We also help you to obtain new quality leads (keep reading to learn how!)

You’ll Always Have Support

TierOne Travel is a dedicated host agency committed to supporting the needs of experienced and passionate travel professionals.

At TierOne Travel, you will have all of the benefits of being independent, but also an abundance of support from our highly experienced support team. Our helpful support team provides independent consultants with administrative assistance, IT and technical support, airline contract and ticketing guidance, a dynamic marketing team to help you acquire new leads and build your brand, and an excellent finance department.

TierOne’s strong executive team is led by Shelley Ewing, President / Partner, and supported by General Manager Shelley Parry and Finance Manager Randa Nemish. Together, they have many years of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to share.

You will always have the help you need to succeed at TierOne Travel. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at We’re so excited to help you become independent and successful!