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Slash costs on your trip to Oslo

Slash costs on your trip to OsloTravel is a fantastic way to explore new countries and cultures but can be expensive. There are ways to slash travel costs and still enjoy your trip.

If you are planning a trip to Oslo, you need to know that it is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. But there are ways to cut costs by making a few changes, such as the flight ticket and accommodation. You can read customer reviews of great travel booking companies on, a Norwegian review site that rates travel companies on the service they provide.

It’s often necessary to use a travel booking service to cut costs and get the best deals on flights and accommodation. If you’re trying to cut travel costs to have a bit more spending money in Oslo, you might consider using Supersaver. Click on the link to read real customer reviews on this company and how they can benefit you.

How to save money when travelling in Norway

We have put together a list of things you can change to save money on your trip to Oslo…

1.  Flights

Consider using a travel booking service to cash in on any discounts or benefits that they might be running. Alternatively, fly with a budget airline. Always check for any hidden costs and charges that might make the flight seem cheaper.

2.  Transport in Oslo

Get yourself an Oslo City Pass. You can travel for free on public transport within the city. Oslo has a fantastic public transport system that is convenient and dependable.

3.  Accommodation

Hotels aren’t the only form of accommodation in Oslo. If you are not too fussed about where you will sleep at night, think about Couchsurfing. It’s free, but you can contribute to food and grocery costs. Campsites are fun and cheap. They don’t require pre-booking and are flexible. The last option that we suggest is an apartment. Renting an apartment can save you money on accommodation and meals. Buy food from a grocery store and cook the food yourself. This reduces the need to eat out so often.

4.  Meals

Food is expensive and a meal at a restaurant can cost a family of four anywhere between NOK 1500 and NOK 2000. Avoid these costs and stay in self-catering accommodation where you can cook your own breakfast and dinner and grab something for lunch. Bakeries are a great alternative to restaurants and are cheaper. You pay far less for a meal at a bakery than you would at a cafe or restaurant.

5.  Sightseeing

This is another instance where an Oslo City Pass can benefit you. The pass allows you to travel on public transport for free and lets you visit many museums for free. There are also discounted rates at restaurants, guided tours, and car rentals.


While it is tempting to want to experience absolutely everything in Oslo, the costs quickly add up and you could run out of money sooner than expected. Use the list above to save as much as you can on your travel costs. Make use of free experiences like outdoor playgrounds, beautiful beaches, and hikes to the fjords, mountains, and glaciers in Norway.

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