‘[She] sounds like a spoiled little kid’

‘[She] sounds like a spoiled little kid’

A woman chose to go on vacation instead of helping her sister with money, and now her family is angry. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. She planned to go to Paris on vacation. When her sister heard about the trip, she became upset. The sister, who was financially struggling with a baby, argued that the Reddit poster should give her the money instead. 

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“I love reading, [and] about three times a year, I go on reading vacations,” the Reddit poster said. “I usually pick a city I’ve never been to and spend a week just reading in different coffee shops. I started doing this during my university breaks, and it just stuck. About once every two years, I’ll go on a big trip to another country to do this, although I also sightsee on these trips. My trip to Paris last year had to be canceled, and I’ve rescheduled it for next year. My sister, who lives with my parents, heard me talking to my mom about the trip over the phone and called me later.”

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But what her sister had to say about the vacation was not exactly pleasant. 

“She basically laid into me about how I wouldn’t let her move in with me, but I could afford to go on all these expensive vacations,” the Reddit poster wrote. “About six months ago, my sister wanted to move in with me because she had gotten pregnant and couldn’t afford rent and a baby. I told her no because I didn’t really have the room to house her, and I don’t want to have a newborn in my house. I work from home, and just knowing my sister, I would be doing some child care. I’m child-free and have no desire to look after someones else’s baby. She’s now crying to my parents about how I should give her money, at least because I can clearly afford it. They think I’m an a****** for not helping her out at all, and so does most of the family.” 

Reddit users thought the sister’s request was ridiculous. 

“It is stupid and selfish of her to expect everyone around her to rearrange their life for her decisions,” someone said

“Your sister sounds like a spoiled little kid,” another person wrote

“Your family doesn’t have any right to punish you for what you do with your money,” a user commented

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