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Old or new? Which yacht is for you?

Anyone that is thinking of yacht charter, is standing in front of different decisions that must be made. Except the date, the place and the budget of the whole cruise, the important issue is the yacht itself – its size, make, model and year of production. Especially the last criterion is the most problematic for all, who haven’t charter a yacht before. What yacht to choose – a newer or older? Do they differ in standard? Which of them has the biggest tendency to be faulty? The crew have decided to answer all these questions.

Old or new? Which yacht is for you?

New Yachts

New yachts always seem like a very tempting option. Just like when choosing a hotel, we want everything to be fresh, clean, shiny from newness. On new yachts, especially those that have not yet been intensively exploited, it is indeed so. This means high comfort and pleasure of sailing. Everything has its price – we’ll pay more for these yacht charters, so you need to think about your budget in this regard.

Older Yachts

Older yachts are a slightly different story. It’s a boat, used before by different crews, which is often felt to a greater or less extent. It is noticeable mainly in details – some of the elements will be scratched, others tarnished or slightly ripped, but this does not mean that the yacht is non-functional or heavily used. If we are able to accept the lack of fresh look of the yacht, the difference with newer units will seem to us to be slight. A lower price in turn will allow you to increase your budget for other attractions!


A popular opinion that newer yachts are more reliable, and the older ones have a tendency toward defects, isn’t necessarily true. Absolutely new yachts need time to get all their elements together. The first voyages are a period when unforeseen faults can occur. Older yachts have it to themselves that what was supposed to happen in them has already settled. Current service helps eliminate most of the malfunctions, and those that can occur during the cruise are usually simply due to old age or wear out. There is no rule as to which kind of yachts is better. Both younger and older yachts are worth considering – much depends on our personal preferences and expectations.

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