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Most Popular Questions about ESTA USA

What is ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization USA , which is a system to look into details of travellers visiting the country. The system exists to strengthen the security by checking the information about people who can travel without a visa. The citizens belonging to countries that belong to the Visa Waiver Program are the ones that require the ESTA approval to travel in US.

Most Popular Questions about ESTA USA

How long can I stay in the country with a single ESTA approval?

The maximum you can stay in the country is 90 days. The ESTA USA approval stays valid for a period of 2 years but you can stay there for just 90 days in one single visit.

When do I require a new ESTA approval?

  • Your ESTA approval or passport expires
  • You are issued a new passport
  • If you make any change in your name
  • If you change your gender
  • If there is a change in your citizenship
  • If you suffer from a contagious disease
  • If you are convicted of some crime

What should I do if I have dual citizenship?

If you have a dual citizenship, one of a VWP country and other of a non-VWP country, it depends on the passport you are using to travel to US. If you use your passport of the non-VWP country then you just need a visa and no ESTA USA approval. You must apply for ESTA when travelling with the VWP passport.

Is my information secure with the government authorities?

The information you provide will only be accessible to people from government authorities to use it for professional use only. All your information you provide is subject to the same privacy norms with which all such travel screening systems or programs do.

What is the procedure once I have submitted the form?

Once you submit the form, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization USA will go through all your biographic information and then respond to you, in most cases, within 72 hours of your application. Authorization Approved, Authorization Pending and Authorization Rejected are the three scenarios that can turn out. If your authorization is pending, you can check on the status of your ESTA application, using the application number, birth date and passport number.

Does ESTA approval guarantees me an entry in the country?

No, it does not. An ESTA approval is a document that allows you to travel in the country but does not imply that you are admissible in the country. Upon your arrival by sea or air, the officials of US Customs and Border Security will check whether you are eligible to enter the country or not. You can travel the country only if they deem you to be fit for it.

For easier approval from ESTA, it is better that you consult an online agency like USA Travel Authorisation Agency to ensure that you get the approval quickly in a hassle-free manner. Need more information? Check out our complete and updated guide for the Esta Visa.