How to Save Up to 90% on Your Next Vacation Flight
Cheap Plane Tickets

How to Save Up to 90% on Your Next Vacation Flight

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Travel is once again starting to pick up in the second half of 2021, with folks around the country finally getting out to see family and friends or head overseas for that postponed trip to Europe.

With prices for a typical domestic flight hovering around $300 and continuing to climb, booking just a few flights a year can quickly add up, putting a strain on your budget –especially if you are looking to add stamps in your passport since the cost of an overseas flight can climb to the thousands for roundtrip (and that’s just for one person). If you’re looking for a simple way to save money on both domestic and international flights, Scott’s Cheap Flights is the answer. Best of all, signing up is free and you can select just the airports and destinations you’re truly interested in.

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Score Up To 90% Off Flights on Major Airlines and Save Time Searching on Your Own

Scott’s Cheap Flights was founded in 2013 and has since blossomed into a service with more than 2 million members. The premise is simple find cheap flights for customers without all the headaches and heartbreaks of missing out on a good deal.

Scott’s Cheap Flights finds these incredible deals by scouring various airline listings at all hours, so they don’t miss a single price drop, promotional offer or accidental price reduction. Instead of spending your time frantically searching for a good deal every day, Scott’s team will send you email updates whenever they find something noteworthy.

Here are a few of the deals you could see after signing up:

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Unlike websites such as Kayak, Travelzoo or Expedia, which require you to manually search for flights on your own, Scott’s Cheap Flights does all the heavy lifting for you. Just plug in your home airport, select destinations you’re interested in and you’ll receive email updates when massive discounts become available.

Slick Tip: If you are flexible with flight dates or booking a trip well in advance, and it’s known to save travelers between 40% to 90% on their tickets.

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Signing Up is 100% Free

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Credit: Scott’s Cheap Flights

Signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights is completely free and could potentially save you thousands in travel fees. There’s absolutely nothing to lose registering for email notifications takes less than two minutes and unsubscribing is just as fast.

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If you’re curious about the sign-up process, here’s how it all works:

  • Head over to Scott’s Cheap Flights.
  • Click the “Sign Up” button at the top of the screen.
  • Enter your email and create a password. You can also sign up quickly using your Google Account.
  • Select your home airport and preferred destinations.
  • Click the “Stay Limited” button at the top of the screen to join the free membership plan.
  • Wait for the email alerts and massive savings to start rolling in.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re on your way to saving big on all future flights.

Here’s what’s included with your free membership:

  • Follow five departure airports
  • Receive economy class deals

That should be more than enough to get you huge discounts on flights every year. Best of all, there’s no time limit on the free membership, so you can save money on vacations for as long as you’d like.

Or Get Premium Benefits for $25 and Access to ‘Mistake Fares’

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After using Scott’s Cheap Flights for a couple of weeks, you’ll realize the service is unlike much else on the market. Constant updates, personalized details and thousands of dollars in savings are just the beginning if you’re flying more than once a year, consider signing up for one of Scott’s premium services to save even more.

Here’s what’s included in the two premium tiers and how they can save you thousands each year:

Premium ($25/Year)

  • Free 14-day trial period
  • Follow 10 departure airports
  • Increased Deal Alert frequency
  • Receive economy class deals
  • Receive weekend getaway deals
  • Receive “Mistake Fares” from your chosen airports

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Elite ($199/Year)

  • Follow unlimited departure airports
  • Customizable Deal Alert frequency
  • Receive first-class deals
  • Receive business class deals
  • Receive economy class deals
  • Receive weekend getaway deals
  • Receive “Mistake Fares” from your chosen airports
  • Receive premium economy class deals
  • Enhanced control over which deals get sent to your inbox

Considering a single ticket through Scott’s Cheap Flights is often discounted by more than $200, anyone going on multiple flights a year should find the Elite and Premium plans to be a worthwhile investment.

Make Your Next Vacation Affordable and Hassle-Free

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Credit: Suhyeon Choi (Unsplash)

Scott’s Cheap Flights isn’t just for those with wanderlust if you’re jumping on a plane at any time in the future, it doesn’t hurt to sign up. Its free membership gives you enough flexibility to save money on all your flights, whether it’s around the globe on a backpacking adventure or back to your hometown to visit family. Millions of travelers have already signed up for the service, and its value will only continue to grow as flights become more expensive.

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