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Can a museum exhibit modern art?

Can a museum exhibit modern art?

People often think of museums as spaces dedicated to displaying antiques. If you are someone who isn’t interested in traveling 100 or 200 years into the past, a museum may be boring to you. However, the Moco Museum is changing the way a museum can be defined. Located in the popular Museumplein square, this museum was established in 2016 with the mission to exhibit different types of contemporary and modern art pieces. While other museums focus on showing old and repetitive pieces, this Amsterdam art museum offers a variety of really fun options that are altered every year. In other words, it is one of the few museums in the world where you are always going to get something new to see because they change their exhibits every year.

Advantages of exhibiting modern art

The history of art in humanity is very diverse. The problem is that once a generation reaches a certain level, it no longer looks to the past. The museums that attract the most tourists do so because they exhibit pieces of art by renowned artists such as Rembrandt or Van Gogh. However, once people visit these museums, they have no interest in going back. In other words, it is a visit that only seeks to satisfy the curiosity of visiting the museum for the first time. When a museum exhibits modern art, people are more likely to visit it again and again because they feel more identified with that type of art. It is the art that reflects the characteristics of today’s society, so people understand what each piece of art seeks to convey. This is the advantage of exhibiting modern art.

Modern art is enjoyable

If you visit a museum with old art pieces, you may not understand the background of each one. For example, if you see a picture of Van Gogh, you will probably just see that and that’s it. On the other hand, a person who has experience in art knows the techniques the artist used when painting that piece and, therefore, gives it more importance. Modern art is much easier for most people to enjoy because it does not focus on the painting techniques that were used, but on the message that is to be conveyed. Modern art is focused on generating critical thinking in the people who see it or simply generating a fun moment. No matter how much you know about art, you will understand the message that each piece wants to convey.

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