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Bon Voyage World Travel Experts

Bon Voyage World Travel Experts, 1014 Main St., Union Grove, 262-878-3351; 116 N. Milwaukee St., Waterford, 262-514-2022,

Looking Glass Travel, 2507 Green St., Racine

Carol LaPlante, Direct Travel, Mount Pleasant

What makes your business the best in Racine County?

When you travel with Bon Voyage World Travel Experts you travel with ease. We offer our clients value with exclusive privileges and value-added amenities, confidence in knowing we are up to date on the latest travel requirements, health protocols and other important details, personalization in how we create a vacation around your interests, style and needs, access with special VIP experiences and services with our partners around the world, insights as we point you toward hidden gems, local finds and other unique activities around the world.

How long have you be doing this?

Agency was started by Kari Mullikin in 1997.

Who couldn’t you succeed without? And why?

Our fabulous team of travel experts and vacation concierge along with our valued clients and partners around the world. Travel is complicated and ever-changing, our customer service provides you with the ability to travel with ease.

Our plans for a third Wisconsin office in 2023 as travel demand is elevated after the pandemic.