Activities near Muncie to do in a day trip with family
Family Trip

Activities near Muncie to do in a day trip with family

If you have family visitors come to Muncie, they will undoubtedly want to see your dorm room and have you show them some campus landmarks, but there are plenty of activities in and around Muncie to do with family beyond what campus has to offer.

Minnetrista is located east of Ball State’s campus. Jacob Musselman, DN File

Minnetrista: Established on the land where the famous Ball brothers lived, this small campus offers a wide variety of art exhibits, gardens and activities for families. A particularly famous attraction at Minnetrista is the Lucius L. Ball House, where famous artist Bob Ross filmed his television show, “The Joy of Painting,” for five years.

Barnside Blooms is located south of Ball State’s campus. Taylor Smith, DN File

Barnside Blooms: Located south of campus, Barnside Blooms offers people a picturesque rural haven where they can create their own flower bouquet from a vast field of flowers, plan an event in the Party Barn or purchase some honey made right on the property.

World’s largest ball of paint: About a 30-minute drive south of Muncie lives the world’s largest ball of paint, housed in a custom-built barn structure on an industrial hook. Each visiting group has the opportunity to pick their paint color and coat the ball themselves, as well as sign the walls surrounding the ball. Call 765-724-4088 to schedule a time to paint or just visit.

Clouds cover Prairie Creek Reservoir and its private beach. Blake Williamson, DN File

Prairie Creek Reservoir: Located just southeast of Muncie, Prairie Creek Reservoir provides a multitude of activities for visitors, including swimming, fishing, hiking and camping. It also hosts horseback riding trails and several community events, such as concerts, festivals and triathlons.

The Muncie Children’s Museum located in downtown Muncie. Reagan Allen, DN File

Muncie Children’s Museum: A must-visit for families with young children, this museum offers numerous exhibits and activities that will entertain and inform kids. Some specific exhibits include Discovery Park, the Ant Wall and the Veterinarian Office.

Muncie Visitors Bureau: For those who wish to truly discover everything Muncie has to offer, the Muncie Visitors Bureau in downtown Muncie is packed with itineraries and other information that will provide visitors with all the knowledge they could ever need. It also sells souvenirs and T-shirts.

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