A reporter who went to BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink World Tour’ concert speaks up for the group

A reporter who went to BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink World Tour’ concert speaks up for the group

A reporter who went to BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink World Tour‘ concert spoke up in defense of the group. 

Recently, the YG Entertainment girl group made headlines all over the Internet for their alleged lacking stage performances, following their first ‘Born Pink’ concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on October 16th. 

A reporter, who was at BLACKPINK’s concert, stepped up to defend the group amid the flooding critiques. He wrote, “Girl group BLACKPINK’s concert is controversial and I’m perplexed. Indeed, there are clips online showing the members’ mistakes on stage but what I witnessed in person was the opposite. YG entertainment invited reporters to BLACKPINK’s first concert in Seoul, and I could see why YG was so confident. Their hit songs remixed with band sound was more powerful than their songs streamed online and it was a pretty impressive concert coupled with the members’ experienced live performance skills.” 

He continued, “In fact, there are clips that show members’ skilled performances at their concert online. It’s unfair to discount their entire concert with a few scenes with mistakes as if their whole performance was below expectations. It’s not uncommon to see many artists, both international and K-Pop, make mistakes during their concerts. That’s the merit to live performances. It’s called ‘live’ because even their mistakes are live with audiences at the moment.” 

He concluded, “Indeed, BLACKPINK being a world-class star doesn’t shield them from criticisms. They should reflect on constructive criticisms and fix their mistakes. But overly criticizing them for the mistakes they’ve made is not a criticism but a denigration.” 

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